Project Ideas

We are listing some project ideas that are part or offshoots of our main project. Most of them can be customized and packaged into undergraduate, MS or even PhD-sized projects.


Project Running Title
Short Description
Customized number representation for implementing weather codes on FPGAsFPGAs are increasingly being used for High-Performance Computing.

We want to explore custom number representations for various weather codes by investigating their dynamic ranges in an automated fashion. The result of this investigation will be useful in developing an automated compiler for FPGAs that chooses the optimum number representation and corresponding hardware units at various stages in the FPGA pipeline.
Acceleration of scientific models on FPGAsThis is admittedly a very abstract project title. As our project aims to accelerate kernels from scientific models on FPGAs, so it is quite useful for us to have some case studies of kernels that are manually converted to FGPAs for accelerations, and they are investigated for various parameters, e.g. performance, power efficiency, required memory bandwidth, etc.

The kernel can be a legacy design from any area of scientific computing, e.g. atmospheric, seismic, bioinformatics, genetics, astrophysics, etc.
Mapping numerical computation patterns in scientific models to design patterns on FPGAsResearchers have made a very interesing observations that a very small number of numerical computation patterns - in the range of 7 to 12 - dominate scientific computing. It will be an exciting project to investigate how well these patterns execute on FPGAs, and what kind of design patterns may be suitable for accelerating them for maximum efficiency and peformance.