Annotated Resources

There is an wealth of resources out there that have proved very useful to us for our project. We will keep an annotated list here for the use of the wider research community. This will include things like video tutorials, online course, presentations, open source code, and other free-to-use tools and software. In fact, every resource other than peer-reviewed publications will be listed and annotated here. For an annotated bilbliography, please go to this page.

Please feel more than welcome to contribute recommendations.

On-line courseHeterogeneous Parallel ProgrammingAn excellent on-line course from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Focus is on programming Nvidea GPUs. Builds up from the basics and covers fundamental concepts that would be useful to both a programmer or a researcher interested in this area.
Video TutorialLearning Functional Programming without Growing a NeckbeardHighly recommended point of departure if you are encountering functional programming for the first time.
Video TutorialBig Ideas: Simplifying High Performance Computing ArchitecturesA great effort from the "Big Ideas" channel on youtube, giving an overvew of HPC, its uses, and the kind of challenges it faces.