Some of our major off-the-shelf products and major customized products are listed below:

Off-The-Shelf Products

  • Heal Docs: EMR With Clinical Decision Support System
  • HEAL: Healthcare Enterprise Analytic & Logic
    • Hospital Management System
    • Pathology Invoicing and Online Systems Integration
    • Pharmacy Management
    • Hospital Billing and Invoicing Management
    • Nursing & Dietary Management
  • EduCore (Under Development)
    • Complete Education Management under single platform
  • Online MIS: Paperless Office Management & Task Tracker
  • Integrated Inventory & Asset Management System
  • Accounting Management System (Customizable)
  • Human Resource Management
    • With integrated Payroll & Attendance Management
  • Forces Management System
  • Point Of Sales System
  • ERP Systems (Off the Shelf and Customized)

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