Hello world!

Welcome to nTier Solutions Ltd website! After much ado and critical thinking, we opted for a simple wordpress site – well, not so simple. Special thanks to One Pirate ZERIF (Lite) Theme team for a wonderful workable and easy theme that we felt, was made out just for our needs :-) . To top that, we used certain Plugins throughout the site, which helped us even more to customize it for our needs. Worth mentioning is iFeature Slider and Short Codes Ultimate.  However this would be a temporary site till our state-of-the art (!) designers and jQuery experts (apparently) come up with something thats more befitting as our online presence.

You may find certain sections of the site bereft of contents.
However, this does not mean the portions are hoax or বাড়ায়া লিকসি ( :p ), but it simply means we are working hard on some other projects right now, instead of being able to concentrate on our own website :-)
As they say “মক্কার লোকের হজ্জ হয়ে না”.. .so please bare with us for some time.

Till then, all vital information pertaining to our services and events would be available in this site.

Happy browsing :-)

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