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nTier Solutions Ltd – has over 12 years of experience in providing state-of-the-art solution to different Government, Non-Government, Private and Defense organizations. Within a short span of its operation, it has proved to be a unique software development firm: in the sense that all of its solutions were proven to be reliable beyond expectation. In addition, providing on-dot support has enabled the company to gain respect and trust from many of its clients.

Our unique technical architecture was designed after deep research, which not only ensures smoother running of an application, but also guarantees minimal downtime and state-of-the art security ensuring corporate dependability. With many R&D driven unique projects and Artificial Intelligence based Expert-Systems already under-belt, developers in nTier Solutions Ltd have gained a unique architecture that allows the system to adapt to user’s needs beyond what is generally expected.

In shaa Allah, Anything's Possible!

In less than a decade of its official operation, nTier Solutions has been actively part of multiple national level automation, for the Government of Bangladesh, which included high-end software development to complete turnkey solution which included consultancy, system design to hardware and network integration.

To top that we have also pierced into the International Market, with two North American companies already selecting nTier Solutions as their official development partners for Asia-Pacific region, and different elite government organizations run on modules and automations provided by us, including Bangladesh Army, the DGFI, Cabinet Division and Anti Corruption Commission among others. We also boast the first Artificial Intelligence based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system that is available online is now being developed towards a revolutionary research platform for public health.

But then, that’s enough about us. Lets talk about YOU!

If you are looking for any automation needs – whether digitizing your current workload without changing your work habits, or to completely overhaul and task us with turnkey automation, we have it! But then, let’s not brag brag it all out here. Check out other pages in this section, and decide for yourself, whether we are worthy of your attention or not :-)



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