...where reality exceeds expectations!

Our Capabilities

In short, what we are really good at ...
Customized Development

We tailor your needs to our solutions, so that you don’t need to adjust your work to software, rather, we make the software work for you! Its that simple :-)

Dot.Net Technology

Our expertise is on Microsoft Dot.Net Technology, using C# core codes that ensure robust & reliable base, MVC Architecture that ensures efficient design, HTML 5, jQuery and CSS 4 that ensures compatibility across platforms and devices.

Website Development

Apart from web applications, we have dedicated team of designers and developers to develop website on both customized Dot.Net Technology or Open Source CMS based dynamic solutions.

Consultancy & Turnkey Solutions

Ranging from consultancy to hardware and network integration to maintenance, we can provide complete automation solution for you. We have experience of turnkey implementation at various enterprise and government level integration.

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nTier Solutions Ltd
...where reality exceeds expectations

nTier Solutions Ltd has over 10 years of experience in providing state-of-the-art solution to different Government, Non-Government, Private and Defense organizations. Within a short span of its operation, it has proved to be a unique software development firm: in the sense that all of its solutions were proven to be reliable beyond expectation. In addition, providing on-dot support has enabled the company to gain respect and trust from many of its clients.
But then, that's enough about us. Lets talk about YOU! If you are looking for any automation needs - whether digitizing your current workload without changing your work habits, or to completely overhaul and task us with turnkey automation, we have it! But then, let's not brag brag it all out here. Check out website and decide for yourself, whether we are worthy of your attention or not :-)

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Our Team

Get to know some of the core members of our team.
Mustafa Zubair Ahmed Yahya
Mr. Mustafa Zubair Ahmed Yahya, did his double major in MBA after graduating as Mechanical Engineer and brings his vast experience in working in banks and various multinational engineering companies to lead the team of nTiers since 2010.
Md. Sazzad Hossain
Business Analyst and CBO
Mr. Sazzad Hossain, brings in his brilliant analytical concepts to the team with unconventional business approaches! He joined nTier Solutions Ltd in 2012, as Chief Business Officer (CBO), successfully developing new business ideas for the company.
Mustafa Zuhair Ibn Yahya
Founder & CEO
Mr. Zuhair founded the company back in 2003. Ever since the company has been guided under him. He has been National Consultant for IT for Government of Bangladesh, Asian Development Bank, Anti Corruption Commission and DGFI.
Nahid Mustafa
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Brains behind all development, Mrs. Nahid joined nTiers as Junior Programmer back in 2009 and has worked her way up as CTO, now leading all core development of the team.
Surid Ashraf Khan
Director, Marketing & Promotions
Mr. Surid spearheads all the marketing and promotions of nTier Solutions Ltd. His dynamic ability and his capability as graduate of International Business, has ensured that nTiers reaches new summits of excellence under his guidelines as head of departments of Marketing & Promotions.
Imam Ahmed
Director & Head of Support
Mr. Imam leads one of the most critical part of the team nTiers – Support. His fastidious & diligent work ensures that nTiers portfolio of ensuring on-dot support remains intact. Mr. Imam also leads training, implementation, testing and deployment teams making him the irreplaceable all-rounder of the team!
Ziad Iqbal
Director, Overseas Operations
& Senior Adviser, Systems Design
Mr. Iqbal has been one of the major backbone of the company with his robust and effective guidelines. He introduced Agile and SCRUM methodology in development teams. Residing in Germany, he also coordinates all outsourced works from Europe and North America.
Emraan Rayhan
Senior Engineer – Infrastructure [Hardware & Networking]
Every brilliant development – starting from analysis, database programming or core development, can be ensured only when all infrastructural components are working smoothly. And that’s what Mr. Rayhan ensures – not only making entire in-house infrastructure robust, but client-deployment infrastructures as well.

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