DateMarch 2015

A result of more than three years of development, HEAL is the first software of its kind in Bangladesh that combines healthcare, treatment & clinical decision support with general hospital management system. Thus it goes beyond what one would normally expect in a hospital management system.

HEAL’s e-Prescription module is extended as Personal Medical Records (PMR) and combines doctors experience with technology intuitions, provided by run-time Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS), including intelligent Drug Interactions and AI based treatment plans.

With a team of more than 15 full-time doctors within the project, supported by national & international consultants of various specialties, combined with acclaimed business analysts and topping it off with the best brains in Bangladesh behind the development and coding chairs, HEAL has all the right ingredients to rightfully claim itself as one of the most advanced, high-tech healthcare solution till date.

All clinical documentations within HEAL are W.H.O. approved and rechecked by our internal physicians for adaptability and relevance in Bangladesh. Best of all, the entire application’s User Experience (UE), is customized to work-flow that is practiced by medical practioners in Bangladesh.

Thus HEAL provides with the perfect merger of most advanced and internationally acclaimed technological base with local fervor, that ensures easiest of adaptability by local hospitals.

The next few pages of the discourse details out different modules and facilities within HEAL that can ensure the best possible automation for any medical institute in Bangladesh.