Diagnostic Center Automation

DateDecember 2014

CategoryHealthcare and Business AutomationThe Pathology & Radiology module completely automates every step of your pathology’s need. Starts with pathology front desk, with back-track to prescription, which auto-generates invoice. Each sample collection is tracked with unique ID, and test results can be checked by doctors remotely logging on to the portal using internet.

The pathology module also includes a comprehensive outsource app, that can keep track of all the tests that are outsourced to other diagnostic centers, along with tracking of bills, commissions as well as delivery status.

Our Solutions

HEAL has a unique feature that allows you to custom-define each tests to provide automated templates based on specific tests. Each test has a normal result figure, which can be as a numeric value, a range or textual value, along with defining how the result input would be. For example, the normal value for a test may be in a numeric range, but the specific results are in singular value. This can be set in pathological definition.

Apart from normal results (which can be set differently for each institution, despite utilizing online sync servers), each test’s price are assigned through admin panel, which can be changed as per requirements.