AFCS – Artillery Fire Control System

One of our most exciting and ingenious works till date, the AFCS automates complex calculations pertaining to Artillery firing, thus drastically minimizing time required to calculate multiple factors before each shot, during live testing as well as training.

The core module of Firing System incorporates 16 different types of shoot engagements under Immediate Neutralization, Precision or Registration format, using Grid Reference as well as Polar Coordinate methods. Other modules include Meteorological data and calculation integration for each type of guns, and an extensive Survey Module.


DateSince 2004
LocationSavar, Dhaka, Chittagong
ClientBangladesh Army
  • Version 1: 2004 – 2007
  • Version 2: 2012 – 2013
  • Version 3: 2018 – 2019



Architecture: Microsoft Dot.Net

UX: WinForms

Framework: Entity Framework

Code Base: C#, VB.Net

Database: Microsoft SQL Server (Express & LocalDB)

Reporting: Crystal Reports